My Dad's side of the family is from Bandung, Indonesia.
He is the only one in his family that lives in New Zealand


My Mum's side of the family is from Jakarta, Indonesia.
She is the only one in her family that lives in New Zealand

Caecilia Diana Surjadi

  • Caecilia Surjadi is my mum.
  • She was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and moved to Auckland, New Zealand in 1998.
  • When she was younger, she was quite popular in school and enjoyed music a lot, she played the angklung (Indonesian idiophone instrument) in her high school orchestra.
  • When she was in primary school, she liked learning and being with her friends. She remembers primary as being one of her first memories.
  • Rudy Gunawan Sutjiadi

  • Rudy Sutjiadi is my dad. He was raised in Bandung, Indonesia with his 4 siblings. My dad moved to New Zealand in 2003 because he got married.
  • As a child he was very interested in sports and reading and he grew up in a loving household with his parents and his 4 siblings. His mum has a big heart and always enjoys cooking for the family, especially when family from New Zealand come to visit. His grandma was also interested in cooking and she was very caring.
  • One of the earliest memories he had was when he was in year 3 at primary school and being around his family and friends.
  • Deffi Gunawan

  • Deffi Gunawan is my aunt from my mum's side.
  • She came to New Zealand in 1998 from Jakarta, Indonesia where she was raised.
  • She was the first of her family to move to New Zealand. Deffi grew up in a crowded city and always enjoyed school holidays where she could spend time with her grandma.
  • She always liked listening to music and reading in a relaxed environment because of all the city noise.

    Deffi recalls spending time with her grandma as one of her first memories