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About Article 12

Article 12 of the Child's Rights states that a child has the right to express their opinion freely and to have that opinion taken into account in any matter or procedure concerning the child. Every child has the right to say what they think in all matters affecting them, and to have their views taken seriously.

As a child, you have the right to give your opinion, and for adults to listen and take it seriously. This article tries to ensure that children's opinions respected and taken into consideration when parents, guardians, or adults makes decisions about a child's life. Children, with this, also have a right to be provided with all of the necessary information in order to make a decision.

1. States Parties shall assure to the child who is capable of forming his or her own views the right to express those views freely in all matters affecting the child, the views of the child being given due weight in accordance with the age and maturity of the child.

2. For this purpose, the child shall in particular be provided the opportunity to be heard in any judicial and administrative proceedings affecting the child, either directly, or through a representative or an appropriate body, in a manner consistent with the procedural rules of national law.

United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner (OHCHR)